Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in Criminal Justice Administration

Field experience is valuable. Partner your experience with an education from Culver-Stockton College, and you’re unstoppable.

C-SC now offers academic credit for experience gained while in the military, corrections, or law enforcement, so you can earn your criminal justice administration degree in less time. Classes are fully accredited and are available on campus, online or in a hybrid format.

Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in Criminal Justice Administration (BAAS)

Students who qualify for the BAAS in Criminal Justice Administration may earn up to 31 hours of specific C-SC credit for Military and/or Professional training.

Admission Requirements

The admission policies and procedures of the Online Campus are designed to allow students the opportunity to begin 8-week courses throughout the academic year. Culver-Stockton College evaluates each candidate for admission on an individual basis. Apply for Free Online.

- Transcripts/GED Scores: A copy of an official transcript or GED score is required and may be mailed to the Admission Office, One College Hill, Canton, MO 63435. The transcript should include a cumulative grade point average (GPA). To be considered for acceptance to the College, a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 must be submitted. Students who are not graduates of accredited high schools may submit a GED.
- Official documentation of prior relevant training and experience by preparing a portfolio. The professional portfolio must provide evidence that the student has achieved the learning goals for the particular course

Portfolio Sections

Each section in the portfolio application for course credit based on prior training and experience must be included:
- Heading indicating the specific Culver-Stockton College Criminal Justice Course
- Current Academic Catalog Course description
- Brief Narrative indicating how the student’s prior training and experiences satisfy the course learning goals
- Verifiable documentation supporting the students prior training and experience

Military Training

- Army American Council on Education Registry Transcript Service (AARTS)
- Community College of the Air Force (CCAF)
- Sailor/Marine American Council on Education Registry Transcript (SMART)
- U.S. Coast Guard Institute (CGI)

Professional Training

- Police Officer Standards and Training (POST) under the auspices of a state licensing authority
- In-service training supporting a professional license issued by the state licensing authority
- Employer training records

Examples of Experience Documentation

- Employer job assignment descriptions
- Employer performance reports
- Professional Résumé
- Direct supervision letters attesting the dates of employment, assignments, specific duties, and quality of work performed
-DD214 (Military)

Course Credit Criteria

- Course credit is given only for documented prior training and experience that correspond to a particular Criminal Justice Course
- Course credit will be given after the student completes three semester hours of coursework towards a BAAS degree in criminal justice administration either on campus or online through Culver-Stockton College
- A minimum of 40 training hours is required for a training course to qualify for credit
- A maximum of 30 Criminal Justice and One (1) PED, Lifetime Physical Fitness, course credits based on prior experience and training may be applied toward the completion of the BAAS in Criminal Justice Degree
- Course credit may not be used as part of the college residency requirements
- Course credits do not receive grades and are not applied to the minimum number of credits required to earn honors at graduation
- Course credits will be given after the student pays all related fees
- Because not all colleges recognize  prior learning credits, students who plan to attend graduate school after completing their Culver-Stockton College BAAS in Criminal Justice Administration degree are advise to check with respective schools
- All other applicable provisions of the current Culver-Stockton College Academic Catalog govern the awarding of a BAAS in Criminal Justice Administration degree


Brandon Crisp '07
Assistant Director of Admission and Online & Graduate Admission Coordinator
Phone: (573) 288-6456