Graduate Online Admission Requirements


The Culver-Stockton M.Ed. has the following expectations of graduate applicants, which includes the following:


The Culver-Stockton MBA has the following expectations of graduate applicants, which includes advanced learning experiences, professional development, and strategic case analysis. Apply for the MBA program.

Prerequisites: Principles of Accounting I, Principles of Accounting II, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Finance, Statistics, and Quantitative Analysis, or the equivalency of Business Calculus. Deficiencies may be completed through Culver-Stockton College’s Undergraduate Online Campus Program.

References: Provide two professional or educational references.

Requirements: Submit an official GMAT score, with a minimum combination of 200 X GPA plus a GMAT score greater than or equal to 1025. For information on the GMAT, visit

GMAT waivers are considered based on undergraduate grade point average and years of work experience. Contact Sierra Otte, Admission Counselor for Online & Graduate programs at

Transcripts: Provide official transcripts from all colleges/universities, including the transcript with conferral of a bachelor’s degree.

Tuition: Each credit hour is $500.