Travel Study

Learning Out of the Classroom

Culver-Stockton College takes learning out of the classroom and into the world. During the 3-week term, students can travel with their whole class, including professors, and not worry about any other classes. For many students it is the first time they are able to experience travel outside of the country. In an increasingly global society, being able to experience a multitude of different cultures and backgrounds is vital for personal and professional development. Culver-Stockton College goes above and beyond to offer these formative travel experiences to their students.

Skyla Risner ’19

Skyla Risner ’19 of St. James, Missouri, is a senior psychology and occupational therapy major at Culver-Stockton College, and thus far, she has taken full advantage of the travel opportunities that C-SC provides. When deciding what college to attend, C-SC’s unique schedule and support for travel abroad were instrumental in her decision making. “The main reason I came to Culver-Stockton was because of the 12/3 calendar,” Risner explained. “The 3 week provides so many opportunities to travel, which is one of the main things I wanted to do during my college years.” So far in her college career, Risner has traveled to China in spring of 2016, Belize and Guatemala in the fall of 2016 and Peru in spring of 2017. Risner plans on taking what she learned about traveling at C-SC and applying it to her own professional life. Risner brought this experience with her as she traveled to Ecuador for an internship during the summer of 2018. The time spent abroad will be valuable to her as in her future professional career. Risner hopes to live and work in Latin America. Culver-Stockton’s travel study programs have certainly set Risner up for success in that field. “This school gives you so many opportunities for scholarships that by your senior year, you can afford a trip somewhere and have it paid for,” Risner said. “This is really the best time to go on that kind of experiential trip before you start having to worry about student loans or a career. I’m thankful that Culver-Stockton is so supportive of travel.”