Research & Innovation

Research is Essential

Graduate-level research is available to C-SC students as early as freshman year. In the past, students have even had the option to complete genomics work with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Research is essential to a student’s growth and critical thinking abilities. These opportunities challenge students and allow them to explore subjects that they otherwise would never have been able to study. Research is fundamental in many educational and professional fields and at C-SC students can be sure their research skills will be tested and improved.

Sulaiman Qanni ’20

Sulaiman Qanni ’20, a biological chemistry major from Jordan, came to Culver-Stockton College in 2016. At C-SC, Qanni has been very busy as the President of Hope and Vice President of the International Student Ambassadors. When Qanni took a research course with C-SC biology professor, Dr. Mohamed El-Bermawy, he would often get frustrated when his research wasn’t yielding results. From Dr. El-Bermawy, Qanni learned that research in the lab requires patience and stoicism. You have to be optimistic about your research and take the experiential portion of the experiment as a valuable result. “There are no guarantees that your research will be fruitful, but it will always be worth your while,” he explained. Through numerous trials during the experiments, Qanni was able to gain the skills needed to pick up and learn new subjects quickly. From his research class he learned to be comfortable with making mistakes and thinking outside the box to remedy them. The most important thing he learned was to slow down, be patient and experience more while he pushes the boundaries of his studies. “When doing research, I’ve learned what’s most important in order to yield the best results,” Qanni explained. “You must be patient, calm, stoic and most importantly, optimistic.”