Quality Initiative

Committed to Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is the heart of Culver-Stockton College educational experience. The college's commitment to experiential learning is reflected in our mission statement, and is why Experiential Learning is the pillar of the Quality Initiative. To advance Experiential Learning we are focused on the QI areas of NSEE Experiential Education Academy Faculty Certification, Center for Experiential Learning, and Assessment of Experiential Learning.

Experiential Education Academy

Our goal to certify 100% of our facutly in Experiential Learning is well on its way. Over 80% of faculty have attended the NSEE Experiential Education Academy. This Program ensures excellence in our experiential education pedagogy. This sets ourselves apart from other schools with a focus on experiential learning by ensuring that the overwhelming majority of our faculty are knowledgeable experiential learning practitioners.

Center for Experiential Learning

A Center will highlight our seven types of experiential learning (Creative Expression, Leadership, Simulations, Service Learning, Travel, Research & Innovation and Professional Experience). It will also provide resources on experiential teaching and learning for faculty and students and provide a showplace for our experiential learning achievements. In addition, the Center will host the Experiential Education Academy.

Assessment Plan

Program Assessment demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement in quality teaching and learning. The purpose of the Experiential Learning assessment plan is to evaluate results in teaching and learning and identify improvements and advancements in experiential pedagogy at C-SC.