Opportunities to Lead

With more than 50 student organizations, eight Greek organizations and 17 varsity sports, the C-SC student population has plenty of opportunities to lead. Students even have the opportunity to be involved with student government which is part of representing students’ best interests during important decisions on campus. Because all these organizations’ governing bodies are formed solely of students, leaders of these groups can help one truly get a sense of how important leadership is when trying to keep the organizations happy and afloat. However, C-SC teaches that leadership is not only about having a title or position of power.

Anna Stock ’19

Anna Stock ’19 is a biological chemistry and pre-med major from Quincy, Illinois. During her time at C-SC, Stock took up leadership roles on campus which led to tremendous personal growth. Stock was a captain of the volleyball team, a member of the Sigma Sigma Sigma (Tri-Sigma) board, and vice president of Alpha-Pi. She also took part in leadership courses which only strengthened the foundation she had already gained from Culver-Stockton College. She learned to lead through respect. Stock believes that leadership is a lifestyle. A leader does not need to be a dictator, or even have a role of power. During the 3-week class period, she learned some real life skills such as travel and money exchange during her trips to London and Ireland. She also took the opportunity to get closer to her professors. “It’s been so inspiring to see my professors so respectful of students, despite them being in a position of leadership. They were so polite and understanding and it set a great example for all of us students.” As a pre-med student with aspirations in the medical field, she is grateful that she will be able to apply the skills she has learned at C-SC to her professional career. “Something I’ve learned about leadership here is that it’s not the role that you’re in, it’s the effort you make reaching out to people around you, and being someone that people can look up to, even when you’re not intending to display leadership, you can exert the qualities that make you a leader and a role model. The best leaders are the ones who are not seeking out a title.”