Creative Expression

Pursue Unique Projects

Students at C-SC are encouraged to pursue unique projects tailored to their personal interests. C-SC students can even create their own majors. Through C-SC’s flexible and immersive curriculum, students are able to thoroughly involve themselves in their studies and are free to express themselves creatively. Many students convey how many different areas of study they are able to explore during their four years at C-SC. A well-rounded student with knowledge of multiple disciplines is the mark of a Culver-Stockton grad.

Hali Liles ’19

Since coming to C-SC in 2015, Hali Liles ’19, a musical theatre major from Mountain View, Missouri, has been involved in a multitude of different on-campus experiences. She has tried archery, fencing, acting, costume design and singing, among other activities. Liles was given opportunities to be an assistant producer, create costumes for shows on campus and even act as lead roles in C-SC productions. During the spring semester, Liles was invited to a regional theatre festival to have her costume designs showcased. She feels that the real world experience she gained from her classes will help her in her future goals of performing on Broadway. Because of all her supportive professors, Liles was pleased to say she is now confident to try new things. “Culver-Stockton really has learning down to a science,” Liles expressed. “Every class I take, professors are accommodating and they make full use of important teachable moments. Classes here are memorable.” Liles feels like the smaller class size and the emphasis on hand-on learning in a variety of subjects makes for a more intimate classroom feeling. “I prefer what we have here compared to what you think of as a normal college course where you’re sitting in a lecture hall and the professor is just going on and on.” Liles also appreciates the twelve week-three week calendar that Culver-Stockton employs. She likes being able to focus on one subject for three weeks and get the most out of it, especially if it’s something more creative. For Liles, being able to express herself creatively semester after semester is what makes studying at C-SC so special.