Creative Expression

Pursue Unique Projects

Students at C-SC are encouraged to pursue projects tailored to their personal interests. They can even create their own majors. C-SC’s flexible and immersive curriculum allows students to thoroughly involve themselves in their studies, and they are free to express themselves creatively. Many past students have conveyed how many different areas of study they explored during their four years at C-SC. A well-rounded student with knowledge of multiple disciplines is the mark of a Culver-Stockton graduate.

Hali Liles ’19

a musical theatre major from Mountain View, Mo., was involved in archery, fencing, acting, costume design and singing during her time at C-SC. She had opportunities to be an assistant producer, create costumes for shows on campus and act in lead roles in C-SC productions. She believes the experience gained from her classes eventually will help her achieve her goal of performing on Broadway. “Culver-Stockton really has learning down to a science,” Liles expressed. “Every class I take, professors are accommodating, and they make full use of important teachable moments. Classes here are memorable.”