Disability Services

Culver-Stockton College is committed to providing the best possible educational environment for all academically qualified students. The mission of Disability Services at Culver-Stockton College is to provide appropriate assistance and reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities, such that those students have the opportunity to succeed in the classroom, limited only by their abilities, not their disabilities.

Guidelines for Students Requesting Reasonable Accommodations for Disabilities Affecting Academic Performance:

A student with a disability affecting academic performance should inform the Director of Tutoring & Academic Support Center in writing of his or her disability and the nature of its effect on his or her academic performance. If an instructor becomes aware of or suspects a student has a disability, the instructor should refer the student to the Director of Tutoring & Academic Support Center.

The College, however, provides reasonable accommodations for otherwise qualified students with disabilities to assist them in obtaining an education. Accordingly, instructors make reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities in order to allow them opportunity, consistent with their diagnostic profile, to learn course content and to subsequently demonstrate mastery of course content. Instructors should not make such accommodations for students with disabilities without specific directives from the Director of Tutoring & Academic Support Center. 

In order to be considered eligible for reasonable accommodations, a student must submit the following to Tutoring & Academic Support Center:

In order for a student to be considered eligible for reasonable accommodations, submitted evaluations must include a diagnostic statement of the specific disability and must contain recommendations for reasonable accommodations which are appropriate to the disability and its effect on academic performance. Each semester, a student should request in writing that the recommendations for reasonable accommodations be made available confidentially to his or her designated instructors. This written request should be filed with the Tutoring & Academic Support Center (TASC) on the form provided by that office and should be done so at the earliest date possible prior to the beginning of a semester for which accommodations are requested.

The Director of Tutoring & Academic Support Center, with appropriate consultation, will review students' evaluations and, at the request of the student, inform instructors of appropriate accommodations. Informal reassessments of the need for continuing accommodations will occur periodically. The need for additional formal medical or psycho educational evaluation can be initiated at the request of either the Tutoring & Academic Support Center or the student.

Students encountering unresolved problems with individual faculty members should submit a written appeal to the Director of Tutoring & Academic Support Center. If the student is not satisfied with a decision made by the Director of Tutoring & Academic Support Center, an appeal may be submitted to a committee composed of faculty and administration.

Examples of Reasonable Accommodations:

Access to Facilities by Physically Disabled Persons

Culver-Stockton College will take the necessary steps to ensure that any qualified disabled person is neither denied the benefits or excluded from participation in any program or activity provided by the College nor denied the use of its services. Because the scheduling of classes and the arranging of housing may require reasonable advanced planning, disabled persons accepted for admission should identify themselves within two months of the start of the semester of admission and indicate the nature of accommodations they may need. Persons with disabilities occurring or manifesting after admission and before the start of or during the semester will be handled on a case by case basis.