Student Handbook

Student Handbook 2020-21 

It is the intent of college policies and procedures to set forth in a clear and uniform manner the responsibility of all who join the college community. Each student is subject to the policies and regulations in effect at any given time. At the time of admission, the student indicates his/her willingness to be governed by these policies and acknowledges the right and responsibility of the college to take disciplinary action for failure to abide by them. The administration reserves the right to request the student to withdraw at any given time without bringing specific charges. Examples of misconduct subject to disciplinary action are detailed in the Code of Student Conduct.

Alcohol and Drug Policies

Title IX Policies

It is the student’s responsibility to become familiar with policies and regulations appearing in the Cat Tracker and in the College Catalog. All policies will be enforced and all violations will be subject to action by the Residential Life Office, the Student Life Officer and/or civil authorities. The college reserves the right to modify or change any and all policies and procedures as necessary without prior notice.

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