Belize and Guatemala


Study Tropical Ecology and Environmental History in Belize & Guatemala.
Day 1: Night tour of Belize Zoo, Overnight at Tropical Education Center

Day 2: Morning tour of Belize Zoo; Travel to Guatemala; Overnight in El Remate at La Casa de Don David

Day 3: Tour Flores; Overnight at El Remate, at La Casa de Don David
Day 4: Tour Tikal; Overnight at El Remate, at La Casa de Don David
5: Blue Creek Village in southern Belize Overnight at Blue Creek Rainforest Field Station

Day 6: Ethnobotany tour and exploration; cave hike; night hike

Day 7: Iguana hike; distribute school supplies at Blue Creek School; Mayan cultural tour at guide’s home; recess/after school interaction with school kids

Day 8: Experience Hopkins Village and Lebeha Drumming Center; boat to South Water Caye

Day 9: Snorkeling around South Water Caye and at barrier reef; island scavenger hunt  

Day 10: Tide pool exploration; snorkel barrier reef

Day 11: Tour Smithsonian Research Institute on Carrie Bow Caye; snorkel in the mangroves surrounding Twin Cayes

Day 12: Visit Man o’ War Caye to study frigate bird nesting sites

Instructors: Dr. Lauren Schellenberger & Dr. Scott Giltner
Travel Dates: Early December 2016
Approximate Cost: $3,800 (transport, lodging, activities, most meals)

Dr. Lauren Schellenberger:
Dr. Scott Giltner:

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