Policies and Procedures

The Konneker Student Leadership Grant exists to foster the development of student leadership skills so that they may better serve their school, our community and the world around them.

Application requirements:
- Applicants must have a faculty/staff sponsor who endorses their application.
- Applicants are expected to have pursued other sources of funding for their experience.
- Awardees must share what they have learned in a community program later in the year (or following semester).

Policies and Procedures:
- There is a $1000 maximum for any grant.  Money awarded in the grant can be used for registration, lodging, travel
  and meals – following the set guidelines in staff and faculty handbooks regarding travel, lodging and meal expense.  
- Applications deadlines are twice during the academic year.  The deadlines are set by the Konneker Leadership
  committee.  Currently the deadlines are:  Spring 2015 – March 1, 2015; Fall 2015 – October 15, 2015; Spring 2016 –
  March 1, 2016.  
- Applications can be submitted emailed to the Dean of Student Life.  
- The committee reviews all applications the week following the deadline.  The committee then informs all
  applicants of the decision no later than two weeks after the deadline.  
- The committee reserves the right to ask for applicants to come to a committee meeting to ask for clarification on the
- This grant is for undergraduate students currently enrolled and in good academic standing at the time of the      application. 

To apply for the Konneker Student Leadership Grant, click here.
Applications are also available in the Student Life Office.