Genomics Research Initiative

With help from a Science Education Alliance (SEA) grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, students will embark on a full academic year of foundational biological research.

The course offers students with no prior research experience the opportunity to conduct scientific experiments in a laboratory setting while also collaborating with, and contributing to, a national alliance that sources data from multiple laboratories across the United States.

Fast Facts:

• A unique opportunity for future scientists to embrace the C-SC culture of collaborative and experiential coursework
• Be part of a hands-on, research-intensive course in the genomics of bacteriophages
• Work as part of a team with C-SC faculty and other members of the Science Education Alliance
• Gain valuable research experience and insights into the next frontier in biological research
• Become a part of the broader international scientific community

In the two-semester course, students will:

• Isolate viruses that infect bacteria from local soil
• Prepare the virus DNA for sequencing
• Annotate and compare the sequenced genome
• Collaborate with other institutions in the SEA network

How to apply:

Both biology majors and non-majors are eligible if they meet the criteria. Students who are interested in applying should submit an application. CLICK HERE to Complete an Online Application.


Esa Seegulam
Assistant Professor of Biology and Department Chair of Biological Chemistry
Phone: (573) 288-6319

CLICK HERE to download the Fact Sheet for more information.