Misty McBee
, Director of Admission
Misty McBee
Ph:(573) 288-6507, Email:

Favorites about Culver-Stockton:  Matriculation ceremony for new students.  It’s a big tradition when students are led up the front steps of Johnson Hall (formerly Culver-Stockton Hall) to sign the book and become official students.
Why you enjoy working in admission:  I found my career in admission after teaching public school for a few years.  I enjoy sharing students’ unique experiences through the C-SC Advantage with prospective students and their parents.
Interesting Fact:  I sang the National Anthem solo when I was in high school two different times at the Kansas City Royals game.

Brittany Casady, Admission Counselor
Ph: (573) 288-6462, Email:

Favorite about C-SC: The alumni connections. My finance graduated from C-SC and the alumni really helped him in many ways: finding a job, gaining connections and getting into graduate school.
Why you enjoy working in admission: I like to help students find the right college, watching them grow while they are here and then seeing them succeed in life. I like to stay connected with the students I have helped to get to “the Hill.”
Unique Fact: I was the class president my junior year in high school.

Jenna Crabtree
, Admission Counselor, Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing
Jenna Crabtree
Ph:(573) 288-6302, 

Favorites: I love the private school atmosphere, everyone is friendly and keeps the students best interest in mind.
Why you enjoy working in admission: I enjoy helping students start on the path to achieve their dream of becoming a nurse in order to help others.
Interesting Fact:  I did ballet/danced for 18 years

Brandon Crisp, Admission Counselor
Ph: (573) 288-6456, Email:

Favorites about Culver-Stockton: The close-knit feel of the community has always made Canton a very special place for me.  Culver gave me the opportunity to flourish in a hands-on and innovative learning environment.
Why you enjoy working in admission: My goal is to help incoming students pursue their social and academic interests, and help them becoming outstanding people during the process.
Interesting Fact: While attending C-SC, Brandon was part of the 2006 baseball team that won a conference and regional championship.

Dawnie Jo Lovelace, Assistant Director of Admission and Transfer CoordinatorDawnie Jo Summers
Ph:(573) 288-6467, 

Favorites about Culver-Stockton: My favorite aspect of Culver is the tight-knit community feel. Everyone supports each other, which makes it a great environment to be in.
Why you enjoy working in admission: I love meeting new people and having that positive influence on a college decision. Seeing my students be successful here is such a great feeling!
Interesting Fact: I am left handed. Also, when I sneeze it's a lot, like 5-50 times in 20 minutes. Ridiculous!

Denny McCarty
, Assistant Director of AdmissionDenny McCarty
Phone:(573) 288-6506, 

Favorites about Culver-Stockton:  Seeing our students in action!  From athletic events to theater productions, I thoroughly enjoy supporting our students!
Why you enjoy working in admission:  I take joy in meeting prospective students and their families and guiding them in their college search.
Unique Fact About Yourself:  I am an avid Star Wars enthusiast and I make my own laundry detergent. 

Erica Mitchell, Admission Counselor
Ph: (573) 288-6469,

Favorites about Culver-Stockton: How personable everyone is. Everyone you encounter says hello. I went to a much larger school and it was not like that there.
Why you enjoy working in admission: I get to help people. I love being able to make a difference in people’s lives and helping students have the easiest possible transition to college. Going to college can be scary, because there is so much to know. So I like being able to come in and help with that process.
Unique Fact: I was the Adams County Illinois Fair Queen in 2011. I am still involved with the Pageant and I get to help new girls be successful.

Morgan Mohr, Admission Counselor
Ph: (573) 288-6477,

Favorites about Culver-Stockton: How connected everyone is. The tight-knit feel of campus makes it feel like home.
Why you enjoy working in admission: I love meeting new people. Helping new students through the admission process and then officially seeing them on campus is very exciting.
Unique fact about yourself: I enjoy running in multiple 5K's a year.

Megan Schweitzer
, Admission CounselorMegan Schweitzer
Ph:(573) 288-6309
, Email:

Favorites about Culver-Stockton: I love that it feels like a big family at C-SC!
Why you enjoy working in admission: I love meeting new people and helping a family find the perfect college for their child.
Interesting Fact :  I lived in Hawaii for 3 years while my husband served in the United States Marine Corps.


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