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For immediate assistance, contact Campus Security at (217) 440-6394.
College offices close during the Christmas holiday and New Year’s Day (Dec. 24-Jan. 1).

Mailing Address:
Culver-Stockton College
One College Hill
Canton, Missouri 63435

Phone Numbers:
Main Number: (573) 288-6000
Campus Safety: (573) 288-6300
Admissions/Financial Aid: (800) 537-1883
Alumni/Advancement Services: (800) 755-CATS (2287)
Business Office: (573) 288-6327
Marketing & PR: (573) 288-6337
Registrar's Office: (573) 288-6330
Student Life/Residence Life: (573) 288-6472

Department Email Addresses:
Advancement Services:
Alumni Services:
Marketing & PR Office:
Registrar's Office:

Full Staff & Faculty Directory, CLICK HERE.
Faculty Directory, CLICK HERE.


All numbers can be dialed from off campus by adding (573) 288 before the extension.

Office of the President
Dr. Kelly M. Thompson, President of the College, email:, ext. 6323
Cindy Freels, Senior Assistant to the President, email:, ext. 6511

Office of the Dean & Academics
Dr. Daniel Silber, Dean of the College, email:, ext. 6364
Debra Henderson, Office Manager, email:, ext. 6512
Dr. Dell Ann Janney
, Associate Dean of Instruction, MBA Program Chair & Professor of Accounting,
ext. 6388
Dr. Holly Andress-Martin, Associate Dean for Academic Success, email:, ext. 6421
D'Ann Mae Campbell, Coordinator of Academic Support Center, email:, ext. 6415

Administration & Finance
Diane Bozarth, Chief Financial Officer/Controller, email:, ext. 6473
Amy Baker, Director of Human Resources, email:, ext. 6493
Beth Logsdon, Senior Accountant, email:, ext. 6491
Diane Casebier, Payroll Manager, email:, ext. 6495
Kellie A. Fisher, Accounting/HR Specialist, email:, ext. 6454

Misty McBee, Executive Director of Admission & Marketing, email:, ext. 6507
Susie Biggerstaff, Admission Assistant,, ext. 6305
Jenna Crabtree, Admission Counselor, Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing, email:, ext. 6302

Brandon Crisp, Coordinator of Online & Graduate Admission, email:, ext. 6456
Danielle Hedges, Admission Counselor, email:, ext. 6309
Tammy Logsdon, Data Processing Manager, email:, ext. 6466

Dawnie Jo Lovelace, Assistant Director of Admission & Transfer Coordinator, email:, ext. 6467

Ciara Mackey, Admission Counselor, email:, ext. 6464
Erica Mitchell, Admission Counselor,, ext. 6469

Morgan Mohr, Admission Counselor, email:, ext. 6477
Sierra Otte, Admission Counselor, email:, ext. 6462
Gaye Redd, Admission Campus Visit Coordinator, email:, ext. 6303

Jessica Sommers, Admission Counselor,, ext. 6506

Advancement & Alumni Programs
Marjorie Ellison, Senior Director of Advancement & Alumni Programs, email:, ext. 6541
Carla Boren, Director of Advancement for Annual & Leadership Giving, email:, ext. 6463
Steve Miller, Director of Advancement for Major Gifts & Planned Giving, email:, ext. 6440
Jennifer Sousa, Director of Alumni Programs, email:, ext. 6343,
Barbara Taylor, Manager, Financial Records & Stewardship, email:, ext. 6320

Pat Atwell, Director of Athletics, email:, ext. 6424
Traci Bringer, Administrative Assistant, email:, ext. 6443
John Schild, Assistant Athletic Director & Sports Information Director, email:, ext. 6532

- See Athletics page for information on coaches and staff

Campus Facilities
Mike Bringer, Director of Campus Security & Facilities, email:, ext. 6528
Joni Mowen, Office Manager, email:, ext. 6524
Joy Weathers-Scott, Housekeeping Supervisor, email:, ext. 6526

Campus Safety
Mike Bringer, Director of Campus Security & Facilities, email:, ext. 6528
Skip Barton, Assistant Director of Campus Safety, email:, ext. 6300

Dining Services
Andy Miller, Director of Dining Services, email:, ext. 6565
Krissy Althoff, Assistant Director of Dining Services, email:, ext. 6341

Division of Business, Education and Law
Kim Gaither, Division Chair, email:, ext. 6340
Kathy Markovich, Secretary, email:, ext. 6471

Division of Fine, Applied and Literary Arts
Kent Miller, Division Chair, email:, ext. 6373
Thomas C. Polett, Associate Division Chair, email:
Pamela Stewart, Secretary, email:, ext. 6413

Division of Applied Liberal Arts and Sciences
Lauren Schellenberger, Division Chair, email:, ext. 6429
Chad DeWaard, Associate Division Chair
, email:, ext. 6694
Deanne Whiston, Secretary, email:, ext. 6378

Financial Aid
Tina Wiseman, Director of Financial Aid
, email:, ext. 6306
Patti Mathieson, Assistant Director of Financial Aid, email:, ext. 6465
Michelle Clapp, Student Accounts Representative, email:, ext. 6492
Michelle Gengenbacher, Financial Aid Assistant,, ext.6307

Information Technology
Joseph Liesen, Executive Director of Administrative Systems & Services
, email:, ext. 6480
James Ellis, ResNet & Network Support Coordinator, email:, ext. 6404
Cindy McCutchan, Webmaster & Software Support Coordinator, email:, ext. 6405
Sherry Shuman, Hardware Analyst, email:, ext. 6335
Kim Uhlmeyer, Software Coordinator, email:, ext. 6301

Katie Marney, Library Director, email:, ext. 6478
Tammy Ellison, 
Instructional Technology Director, & Associate Library Director, email:, ext. 6641
Amber Strub-Lay, Library Reference & Technical Processing Assistant, email:, ext. 6369
Julie Wright, Library Circulation & Technology Coordinator, email:, ext. 6640

Marketing & Public Relations
Misty McBee, Executive Director of Admission & Marketing, email:, ext. 6507
Amanda Welker, Assistant Director of Marketing & Public Relations, email: ext. 6450
Laura Harcharick, Marketing Coordinator, email:, ext. 6531
Kate Hunt, Writer & Editor,, ext. 6312

Registrar's Office

Chris Huebotter, Registrar, email:, ext. 6542
Karla McReynolds, Assistant Registrar, email:, ext. 6544
Joni Fusselman, Administrative Assistant, email:, ext.6540

Student Life
D. Christopher Gill, Ph.D., Dean of Student Life, email:, ext. 6334
Bill Boxdorfer, Director of Student Activities & Intramurals, email:, ext. 6571
Megan Catalano, Director of Residence Life, email:, ext. 6570
Susan Moon, Director of Counseling & Wellness Services, email:, ext. 6441
Amanda Sorenson, Chaplain, email:, ext. 6420
Ernest Evans, Director of Greek Life & Diversity Initiatives, email:, ext. 6375
Susie Sutton, Secretary, email:, ext. 6472

Student Success & Career Services
Dr. Holly Andress-Martin, Associate Dean for Academic Success, email:, ext. 6421
Kara Mandrell, Director of Career & Internship Services,, ext. 6536

Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing
Brenda K. Beshears, President/CEO 
Jenna Crabtree, Admission Counselor, email:, ext. 6302
Nancy Campbell, Financial Aid Assistant